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Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) have been incredible performers throughout 2021. Real estate stocks currently yield 2.7% returns, more than double the 10 year Treasury Note and the S&P 500. 

Another factor is inflation. Stocks in real estate offer a natural hedge since rents can be raised.  According to current trends, REITs will continue to be top performers in 2022. 


Here’s looking at the best REITs to buy for 2022:

1. American Tower

American Tower is a leading REIT with a portfolio of 214,000 sites. It has delivered over 14% FFO per share over the last ten years. Mobile data traffic is expected to grow at a 28 percent annual rate until 2026, as are mobile-connected devices.

During the majority of 2021, American Tower’s FFO increased by 17% per share. This is one of the REITs that profited from the current government administration’s spending program of $1 trillion.

2. UMH Properties

UMH Properties owns and maintains prefabricated housing and rents house sites to private homeowners. Based on over 3,500 vacant properties and undeveloped land that might accommodate an additional 7,300 potential sites, this REIT provides for significant development.

Thus, it is a good REIT to invest in. UMH has a strong presence around the Marcellus and Utica Shale natural gas resources, where development activities have spurred job growth and a surge in housing demand.

3. Americold Realty Trust

This REIT is the largest of its kind in the cold storage area. Americold owns 242 warehouses and approximately 1.4 billion feet of cold storage space, which is spread over North and South America, Europe and South Asia, making it among the best REITs to buy and hold.

Americold aims to invest a minimum of $175 million annually in further development. Overall, their revenues skyrocketed by an astounding 36% in 2021, making it a good REIT to buy for 2022.

4. Store Capital

Store Capital invests in single-tenant properties with a market value of $9.8 billion and a dividend yield of 4%. The tenants include quick-serve restaurants, medical practices, etc.

Store Capital currently owns 2,738 properties and will expand more in 2022. Since its IPO, they have generated a 4.2% annual FFO growth per share with a yearly dividend of 6.4%. The REIT also closed over $612 million in acquisitions and currently has over $12.5 billion of potential purchases in the pipeline, making it one of the best REITs to buy now.

5. STAG Industrial

STAG Industrial expanded tremendously during the pandemic by purchasing 48 buildings. Currently, they own more than 500 warehouses spread over 100 million square feet of land in 39 states in the USA. Because digital sales have increased from 6 to 13% in the last few years, this REIT has witnessed massive growth. 

STAG pays massive dividends every year. They have managed to do this for the past 10 years in a row. STAG has also been named among Signature picks, making it one of the top REITs to buy for 2022.

6. Healthcare Trust of America

This REIT is the largest operator of medical office buildings in the USA. This real estate business currently owns 471 buildings with an investment portfolio of $7.5 billion. This REIT is a rare pick since it has increased dividends every year for the past 8 years, with an 80% payout.

This real estate company may appeal to bullish investors because of its consistent FFO and dividend growth, as well as acquisition potential in a market where demand for medical office buildings is increasing.

7. Vici Properties

This real estate business, which is known for maintaining 100% occupancy, owns top-tier hospitality and entertainment properties. It currently owns 28 properties. It is one of the best REITs to buy for 2022 since Vici has been giving out massive dividends with occasional hikes too. In 2021 alone, this real estate business has successfully expanded its portfolio by buying out the Venetian Resort Complex and MGM Growth Properties. 

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